Importance of early childhood education

There is no denying the huge importance of early childhood education in the lives of toddlers. The proper development of a child’s personality hinges upon the quality of childhood education received by him. Childhood education usually refers to the first eight years in the life of a kid. It is a period in which child is not burdened with surfeit of books. Rather, the mode of education is directed towards learning through play. According to researchers, the first eight years of a child’s life witness maximum growth of his brain and the basic wiring of it is laid down. That emphasizes the importance of preschool education. Along with factors like nourishment, care and other basic necessities, educational experiences acquired during early education phase can affect child’s mental growth in unimaginable ways.

If the education received by the kid during early childhood education phase was on expected lines, he is more likely to have a brain developing in a healthy way. But if the education was improper or based on fault premises, brain develops differently. It also implies that, early childhood education can play a far bigger role in the rest of the child’s life than what we had always imagined. A good education system always builds the foundation of a bright future.

The importance of early childhood education is proved by several research studies conducted all over the world. These studies conclude that preschool education is perhaps the most crucial aspect in the growth and development of a child’s life. We were always aware of importance of education in modern day society, so parents need to be judicious while introducing kids to the first steps of schools. There is no point delaying the schooling experience. The learning power that the kid acquires during his preschool days stays with him for a long time.

If you talk about the social, intellectual and emotional development of a child then early childhood is definitely the most vital phase of his life. In this phase, a child’s brain develops at astonishing pace. Maximum percentage of learning also takes place during this period only. The concept of child development very much revolves around children learning to associate themselves with the people around them and gaining a sense of self-identity.

The fact of the matter is, the first eight years of a child’s life is spent in getting aware of his or her own identity. A preschool education plays a major role in childhood development because he learns to develop a certain behavioral pattern and understanding. That’s why early childhood education programs are focused on teaching children through play. This way child becomes aware of the world around him or her. More so, a child’s growth in terms of learning and emotional development gets stimulated through play. The advantage of sport or play is in its ability to educate different skills to the children.

Preschool education helps in early childhood development of the kids in terms of enhancing social skills and developing values and ethics. It is a key element in not only child’s educational success but also in his all round growth. Most of the habit patterns adopted by the kids stay with them for a long time, so early education system should be such that it helps in creating a productive pattern. This will ensure increasing opportunities for children to achieve greater success in life.

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