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Benefits of early childhood education @ EEcc Foundation

Benefits of early childhood education

With every passing day, sight of an early childhood education school is becoming more prevalent. More and more parents are getting their wards admitted to these programs in hope of securing a happy childhood for them. This also tells us about several benefits of an early childhood education course. As children begin their schooling, preschools, child care centers and kindergartens are setting up perfect platform for young, innocent children to begin a new journey in their lives. The education programs also give a start up to the kids.

There are numerous advantages of early childhood education. Apart from getting a jump-start on education for their kindergarten and elementary years, children are also introduced to other major aspects like social skills and emotional development. Compared to a child who does not attend preschool, kids receiving education from elementary schools are found to be better at math and reading skills. His cognitive skills increase at a rapid pace because of wonderful programs offered by childhood education centers.

Because of starting their education journey early and in a more structured manner, children are able to grow up with a head start on education. This also indicates, they will always have better chances in life. They will have more skills and will be at advantage compared to kids who do not attend early children education. Going by the research reports of prestigious study groups and institutes, there are apparently no disadvantages of early childhood education.

One of the benefits of early childhood education is directly reflected in the state of economy. A MIT study says, “Early childhood education boosts the economy by providing jobs to nearly three million people nationwide”. Now, isn’t that wonderful? Kids completing their early education programs tend to study more and get better jobs in the long run. These children are better prepared for the eventualities of jobs and they are likely to be more effective in terms of working abilities. Consequently, they are paid well and they are more likely to pay taxes.

The benefit of early childhood education is not just restricted to economy. There are number of social benefits as well. Children are able to relate to other students in a better way and that in turn, enhances their social skills. Compared to children who did not attend early education programs, these kids are socially more competent. Children completing early education turn out to be more intellectual and they have better linguistic skills.

The benefits are evident in almost all the spheres of children’s lives. Learning through play ensures, they manage to incorporate communication skills and feel comfortable in expressing themselves. They become friendlier and slowly, they start gaining independence. Children feel a new found freedom and that helps them in the long run. Child development center is a great place to engage children in active instruction. Because of the caring nature of the teachers and caretakers, child feels at ease and gradually he stops missing his home. The nature of childhood instruction is usually one-to-one in preschools; it proves instrumental in easy identification of children for academic intervention. All in all, there are countless benefits of early childhood education and parents must ensure that their children are not deprived of this great source of learning.

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